Digital Marketing (UNO)

~ Hello Digital marketing 2.2, My name is Samuel Courtney and I am a Marketing Major here at WWU in my Senior year. I have lived in Bellingham for a just about 4 years and have fallen hard for its kooky charm. I am a little older than that of most of my peers because I spent six years in the US Navy where I had the pleasure of 5 deployments to shape my young impressionable mind. I love to craft a good coffee brew and tinker / play with any contraption that gets me into the great outdoors.

~* The reason I am taking this course is because it is within the parameters of my major (MKTG) and … well… I don’t want to be a ditch digger.

~*$ I would like to learn things that will be applicable to the outside world, gain insights, and something that will help mitigate the costs of this fine education as well as provide a decent living for the love of my life and myself.

~*$# The Three Prized

(1) Knowledge and Skill Requirements for Marketing Jobs in the 21st Century

This article really hits it on the head. I am actually thinking about going on to get my masters in marketing research just to be competitive in today’s market. I feel as though we are supposed to be somewhat wizard-like in so many different modes of tech/software, and as soon as we have figured out a handful of things that work they are obsolete. Also another foreseeable hurdle is the different software that is used from company to company. I liked the doctor analogy at the end, but it helps when you are making 5 times as much. That is the real kick in the pants for me, is that you bust your ass trying to whack a mole for meager compensation! The sooner I get to graduating, the more I look to higher education for better pay and placement, or take a pay cut from what I already make!!!… # wrong major # chasing your tail # get creative to eat. This study is pretty insightful and I am glad that Western is starting to pick up on the shift. I just wish that the university incorporated more real world material so a guy could actually get a job after all is said and done. We only spend one quarter getting rushed through Wendy’s Marketing Research class… that should be a minimum of two quarters.  I could go on and on. Most college kids shouldn’t read this without a brown paper bag to stave off the anxiety of their future.  (Whew sorry about that… but that is what I feel in my heart. Also I would attach a GIF, except I don’t even know what that is.)

(2) Forrester interactive marketing forecast 2011 to 2016

This seems to be the direction and the face of marketing as we know it today. Once again my only moan and groan is that it is a rapidly changing horizon with many different working pieces. It is hard to hone your skills at such a pace, let alone design a curriculum. It has always kind of felt as though it is a lot of work for little fruition. I could be way off the mark and I really hope for my sake that I am. I ended up taking IMC last quarter with Dan and that was my first real exposure to seeing some of these components at work. The gift and the curse to our field is that there is no right or wrong answer. The main slogan to marketing is, or should be is “It Depends”. This sometimes spins my little brain into a tailspin because by nature I want to get at the root of things or understand the process in its entirety. I think this is why I am the most drawn to Marketing Research. Doing the statistical side of the process. I think that these projections are pretty accurate as far as the future of marketing, and there will also be a piece of tech that comes that will turn how we do things that we do now on its head. One thing I saw at the airport the other day was a cover of a tech mag… maybe Wired and they said that the new rush is into making wearable/fashionable technology. I thought this was fascinating, then I thought about how marketing will come into play. How will we incorporate ads into new tech such as Google glasses and technologies like Google glass? What software will we use to pick up facial recognition? Will we as people pumped the brakes and say Whoa… over the line Sparky? I must admit, it is a very interesting time to be alive.

(3) Technology giants at war: Another game of thrones

I found this article very fascinating. It is somewhat bizarre the parity between the show and the tech companies. I never really stopped to think about it that way before. I guess I just thought that they all had their money makers and were somewhat content… how naive!!! I had no idea that they were all actively trying to carve up each others market share so aggressively. Very fascinating. Always factoring in new innovation and competitors entering the market. Very cool article.


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