Inbound Marketing: The New Horizon


Inbound Marketing is shaping the way we do business. Inbound is a fascinating way for companies and marketers within those companies to create value in a unique way though active engagement. We live in a very informed time. Now that technology and Google is readily available to so many; customers are more informed than ever before. (Sometimes, more so than the sales force pushing the products) This makes for an exciting time to be apart of this evolution in marketing and operate in this new landscape. First reason is because it challenges us more to really understand our customers and to speak to them in a personal way. Secondly when used appropriately it has proven to be more effective and cheaper to reach your audience. Lastly it has the opportunity of looking at the process of selling things in a more sustainable way that leaves customers feeling more satisfied and empowered, which in turn will lead to positive image and better sales.

The Hubspot video was very interesting; to see all the ways of actively trying to link  interactions to the inter web in its entirety. Where are we going? How are we getting there? What are we looking at content wise? Being able to label users in a more efficient way so we aren’t needlessly engaging people who aren’t interested.  Now that we have all this data, it rests on our shoulders to use it in a  meaningful way. That in its essence is what Hubspot is trying to make available to companies.  I think the biggest plus to marketers today is that we are given tools to interact with our potential customers in a meaningful way that doesn’t feel intrusive or leave the person on the other end feeling annoyed. Inbound also makes for  a tailored experience so we can engage customers through every step of the conversion process. I also found this to be significant in the video by Hubspot and their upcoming launches. You aren’t getting the same old website, and in the future I believe this will be an antiquated idea; that we all see the same old content through every step of the cycle. There will be programs that differentiate potential, lead, customer and the experience will be different for each, which is awesome. We can focus on the right things and have a rifle approach at conversion and satisfying customers with our great one of a kind products.  I would like to note that outbound marketing still has its place within our marketing mix. We really can’t be highly effective and be all inbound or all outbound. Even though outbound’s role over time has been smaller and smaller we still need to reach customers through these channels, but with the combination of inbound marketing we have a better idea of how to allocate resources to create a more effective marketing campaign that reaches more people who will be more inclined to prefer and convert to a customer. At the end of the day we want happy customers to go out into their worlds and spread the good news of how we helped enhance their lives. Our customers are more empowered and have a bigger voice through social media.

The Point: The happier we can make customers through their experience the happier we stand to be as a business.

There is an info-graphic by Lauren Drell on Mashable  that makes the differentiation between inbound and outbound marketing very easy to understand.  Kind of old vs new dichotomy of marketing. Pretty cool.

Also some rules of thumb that I thought were beneficial when thinking about Inbound marketing.


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