SEO: Basics for Beginners


SEO (Search engine optimization) is a very exciting field that is being explored by bright individuals. I am a beginner at best when blogging and discussing SEO. Please bear with me. So what are some of the fascinating benefits of SEO? This relatively new method affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid “organic” search results.

Being a marketing student can sometimes feel frustrating, having to decipher which skills will best be served in the job market today. Even just within the parameters of SEO, there is so much for one to know and how it all fits together. One thing about the confusion is that there are gaps in the industry today.  Those gaps are in the skills that college grads have to offer and the skills that employers seek.. Good news is that with these gaps, there are many positions that need to be filled by talent. Talent that has appropriate skill sets to provide results for employer’s. Out of the articles I read, Will Critchlow’s “How To Learn SEO” ( resonated with me the most. It is a practical approach to getting started in the SEO field. I too am a believer that sometimes the best way to learn is to do. Taking a hands-on approach towards SEO provides a deeper understanding of the subject. Will emphasizes being willing to fail and if you lead, being willing to fail in front of others. Wow! That is pretty counterintuitive to how many of us look at the business arena because it is so competitive. What I think he means by this is being humble enough to be a human and admit that we have limitations. We would never succeed if we never failed at things. Checking our egos at the door allows us to learn new creative ways to do business. I think this is especially important to keep in mind in the ever changing world of SEO marketing (because there is so much to learn). Another helpful piece of advice is to avoiding being the smartest guy in the room… surround yourself with smart people and you will benefit from insights and creativity. I felt these insights from Will where very applicable the new frontier of marketing and professional life in general. There is no realistic way to know everything in the SEO world. Search engines are becoming more and more sophisticated. Luckily there is a community of people dedicated to sharing knowledge through content and as a result it is giving us the ability to be more proficient SEOs.


Distilled U and other must reads that are attached to were very helpful in gaining insight. Moz is also another great resource that produces very good content. “The Beginners Guide to SEO” was very informative article. I am blown away and feel very fortunate that a lot of this work is happening down in Seattle, making answers that much more accessible. There is a lot to learn along the way. For instance I don’t have any experience at the moment working with HTML, but there are resources such as Treehouse and Codecademy that work well with one another and help teach you how to use HTML. This is AWESOME! I have such mixed emotions at the moment. I am so glad that I am finally getting exposed to material that is applicable to the real world and happens to be fascinating. On the other hand I find it somewhat sad that we spend so much on our educations today, financially and otherwise, only to come out with limited exposure entering the job market. The gaps discussed earlier aren’t an accident.  I can sympathize that things move relatively quickly and that it is hard to design a curricula for universities that will remain relevant. It would be nice to spend more time on SEO and research. We would be better prepared and there wouldn’t be this frustration about salary entitlement, because entry level grads would be more prepared to prove themselves. Employers would be happy because they would be able to measure desired results from there new hires, and/or experience less training time bringing new hires up to speed. Also this is an infographic that I thought broke down SEO in a understandable way.

I do feel that over time, we as marketers will solve some of the problems that we face within the marketing community. SEO companies such as Distilled and Moz are already producing material that is making the subject more understandable and giving people a baseline. Also imparting I would like to mention that I love all the links within posts that opens to more great content within both of these companies’ sites. Kudos to Distilled for putting together modules for learning SEO. I hope with this network of resources that we can conquer the gap of SEO and bring marketing into a new era.


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