Google + Google = Marketing Success

GpIf you have found yourself asking why Google+ ? 1. The answer is because Google has a strangle hold on the web. 2. Google+ has taken the things from other social media websites ahmmm facebook and added some cool points of differentiation. 3. Because even if you don’t understand it, you can use it as a secondary to Skype. I am sure there are a few more, but for the sake of this blog and my wandering attention span I will leave it to these three.

1. Google dominance. If you are concerned with SEO marketing, or marketing at all for that matter, then Google+ should be on your radar. Here is why. With Google+ being linked to everything Google, it only helps enrich the content that you have on the web. Google +1 is equivalent to a like on facebook, it also ranks your content relevance. Note there are many factors that go into content relevance and this is yet another. Point being that your social media spreads farther on Google+ in relation to content. I am not saying forsake your other social media platforms. I am just saying work this one into your mix.

Pix2. Points of differentiation. So at face value, it looks more like Googlebook. That being said here are some interesting facts. Google is #2 in social media and gaining market share. Now that it is becoming a mandatory platform to help bolster search engine rankings, it continues to grow. So what else does it do? For starters you can edit photos, you can create circles and depending on how you use G+ you can have more privacy and reach. Hangouts is pretty cool video feature. It was my go to while I was in Iceland. You can also use as texting back up. Fact is, Google is growing and big players in the business world are users.  I would venture to say that this platform has the most options available under the hood. So what are you waiting for. Sign up and give it a spin. Oh yeah did I mention it links all your Google accounts? Pretty awesome, interactive, and pretty user friendly.

3. Video chat with up to ten people. Hangouts is video chat that is integrated into G+. As I mentioned, this was my go to for international travel. Hangouts works great in professional settings, we use it in my Digital marketing class weekly. It is pretty damn easy to use as well. However even if you have no aspirations of being a marketing guru this is cool piece of kit. I used it the whole summer without knowing all the added benefits of using it in a professional sense and it saved my international traveling butt.

I by no means am a guru. I would love to open it up for discussion. Please share how you use Google+  and what you +1 about it and what you don’t like about it.


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