Media and Content Intergration

This week’s blog covers a bunch of material that I will try to keep concise and informative. I will break it down into three categories. How we think of media, native marketing, and programmatic ad buying.

contentmarketing-advertisingHow we think of media is evolving. What we used to think of as paid, earned, and owned media is changing. We are now seeing the collapse of earned and owned into a single category. There are a few factors on this continuing evolution. Most of it has to do with customers and how we as marketers interact with these customers. More and more customers seek engagement, and companies that are successful at this are seeing higher ROI’s with higher customer satisfaction.

First question, in a “viral/earned” media world, should firms still invest in paid media? The answer is yes. I think the real questions are, How much paid media? How does it collaborates with earned media? How do we infuse without ad feeling like paid media? People today are empowered and they are really starting to frown upon being pitched to. The goal is to make things engaging. Content is the medium that is providing useful information that people value. Companies that are doing this well, are ending up with more viral content and earned recognition. So how do we combine content and paid media? Hopefully you are thinking “seamless”. This is the nature of native marketing.

nativeadvertising-01Native marketing in a nutshell is sponsored content. Native marketing weaves your ad into the content in which you are interacting. This is apart of the media evolution. The flashing neon banner ad is not the route many are going for today. What once worked, simply doesn’t today. Now we want media to integrate in with other content that you value in hopes that it will have an effect on how you perceive the ad or company sponsoring the content. Here are some companies who are doing it well. I would also like to note that the real companies who are doing it well are those who are helping companies with their native marketing. Those companies include Sharethrough, Nativo, Polar, Onespot, Livefyre, and Outbrain. Here is an additional article that names others in the industry that are helping shape native marketing.

programmaticProgrammatic buying and what it means if you buy media. Programmatic buying is buying media through digital exchanges, which means automation. This whitepaper proved to be very useful and recommend it as a read. The learning curve in the world of digital is becoming steeper and media buyers should try to stay up on things such as programmatic ad buying to ensure job security in the future. Are media buyers going to lose jobs? Programmatic buying will inevitably lead to a downsize in media buying as we know it today. This video puts some imagery to programmatic buying.  Will it come to broadcast television? Yes, it is already here and shows signs of growth in the future.

The future of digital marketing is an ever-changing field that proves to be fascinating and challenging. The best way to ensure that you will have a job, or keep a job in the future is to continually educate yourself. I hope this proved to be informative and helpful. If you have anything to contribute, please leave feedback. I would love to hear further insights.


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