Learning code has never been easier

Screenshot 2014-01-29 20.03.13 Lets talk about coding! I spent a few hours the other night earning badges and writing inputs to receive outputs aka coding. In simplest terms, this is kind of what coding is. Not the earning badges part, that is just kind of the golden sticker at the end of your lessons. I am talking about the inserting inputs to receive outputs part.

I started by logging into Codecademy by using my Facebook account. Super easy. Then Codecademy set me up with a brand new profile in which I can edit and make more personal. It is amazing the different languages they have. You can learn the basics of just about any coding language. I chose HTML which stands for HyperText Markup Language because it is the most fundamental to me. HTML is also the most recognizable to Google search bots. Meaning that for the intents and purposes of writing content, it is probably the most beneficial if you are a beginner like myself, and want the best results in SEO. So I started the HTML, which took me through a bunch of broken down tutorials that showed me how to make headers, insert paragraphs,insert  images,add links,etc.. Codecademy basically shows you how to make a bare bones website, which is what I got to do.

Codecademy is designed for you to learn the fundamentals of coding at your pace. I spent a few hours navigating through tutorials and building a novice site. I must say that I learned a lot in the two hours that I spent on Codecademy. I started to see patterns. Coding in the little experience that I have, is somewhat a template that once you have set up, you  can manipulate and put in content you want… which is pretty awesome. So first off you have <> parentheses, and inside those parentheses you have tags. Tags usually come in pairs. The way they are discussed is you have an opening tag as well as a closing tag. if you were to insert a title it would look something like this <title> insert title here… this is what people will see</title> The tags change depending on what you want to execute but the premise is the same. If you want to insert and link photos it gets a little tricky, but still very similar.It shows you a screen of what you are doing and what it actually looks like on a website.

 That’s it, it is really easy to get started. I would highly recommend this site, if you have a desire to work in the tech field or any job for that matter. More and more jobs, whether tech or not are using the sophistication of computers in everyday business, which means that employers are looking for more people who are proficient at operating them. Codecademy lets you learn at your own pace. There aren’t any fees, and more importantly it is fun. It is really cool to see how websites are built. Most of us spend quite a bit of time on sites and now you will have a good idea of the processes used. So in summary, login, check it out, and teach yourself a valuable skill that you will only stand to benefit from. Check it out here at Codecademy.

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