Want to boost ROI? Test, Test, and more Test


Have you been thinking of ways to boost ROI from your internet presence? Your answer should always be YES. How might you go about that? The answer, A/B testing.  A/B testing can greatly increase the conversion rate on your website. So what is A/B testing you might be wondering? A/B testing is  a term commonly used in web development, online marketing, and other forms of advertising to describe simple randomized experiments with two variants, A and B, which are the control and treatment in the controlled experiment. This can lead to very helpful and lucrative insights. You might realize that your green buy now button, has 20% less conversion than if you used a red buy now button. This is just a generic example, but testing little things throughout your website could give your business a big boost. One thing that I recommend, is suspending your beliefs, let the testing do the talking. Sometimes the answers can be quite surprising.

Digital A/B testing use to be only for giants such as Google and Amazon, but the further technology has come the more accessible it has become for small businesses. Data used to be harder to access in general, but now it is becoming a daily function of a business. We are using this real time information in a more meaningful way. The best part is that we have tools to measure our progress. Beware, that A/B testing can prove more difficult than the concept lets on, some companies can have negative and inconclusive results. A/B testing should be done with thought, and possibly the enlisted help of a professional.


So let’s talk about some successful examples, what they tested, and how it has affected their business. One company that has seen the benefits of A/B testing is KinderCare. Just by changing and testing on their landing page, they eliminated bounce rate by 65% and increased conversion by 2% which lead to more people seeing their message, which means that they were able to enroll more families into KinderCare.

WePay is another company that is doing this well. WePay held testing as a contest where engineers could set up different parameters, and let the customers who visited the site do the talking on what worked best by the way that they navigated through the site.

I would also like to note, that some of the most successful businesses in A/B testing are the digital marketing firms, helping provide consulting and administering tests for companies that want A/B testing done.

A/B testing is nothing new. This has been done for many years in marketing. What makes digital so interesting is that there are direct metrics to measure progress. There are tools that are accessible to measure how long A/B testing should happen. How to set up multiple tests that may increase or decrease to ROI. One such tool is Visual Website Optimizer. Google has an optimizer as well. If you would like to learn more I recommend checking out Mark Staton’s blog. There are some good links to some informative info on who the players are and how A/B testing is done in further depth.


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