Growth of Mobile Marketing

So I just read an interesting fun fact that mobile marketing is set to eclipse radio in advertising in the not so distant future. By 2017 mobile spending will be estimated at 42 billion dollars. Wow! Smartphones have come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Today we are on our phones more than ever. We have so many uses for our phone and there is no end in sight to the capabilities derived from these handheld devices. What we have in the palm of our hands is stuff from Star Trek…. but better. With all the possibilities we are becoming more and more captivated. It is nothing for me to walk around the university I attend and at least see 40% of the student body walking to classes to be on there phone in one fashion or another.
So what does this mean to you as a aspiring marketer? It means a lot. The implications of being able to reach people at all times through their mobile devices is huge. With geo locating we can also manipulate what ads go where so they can be more relevant to a potential customer in your neck of the woods. Mobile marketing is a rapidly growing field. Like stated earlier it is becoming a more relevant player soon to surpass radio and possibly one day print. This is a new field of marketing that is growing and will need people to fill in the skill set gaps a long the way. Which means new jobs.
Some are critical of data needed to make this an efficient way to advertise, but data itself is becoming more and more user friendly as well. It is inevitable that this will be the progression in nearly all marketing jobs to some degree. The duality of qualitative and quantitative data is more prominent than ever before. One of the main reasons is that we have the tools to measure just about each and every metric that we would want to know about our business. Something to be mindful about is not placing all the emphasis on data. We are human beings and as much as we highly think of linear progressions, we aren’t always linear. In fact one could argue that things happen more in a step process. The task however is still the same, insightfully anticipating our target markets needs and purchasing behavior.
I would like to challenge you after reading this, to think about ways in which you already get advertised to on your device. Which ways would give you the best user experience? I know that for myself I don’t get a ton of mobile advertising, and when I do I usually get annoyed that the information is usually irrelevant to anything that I do and I usually ignore it or pay for the upgrade to not see it at all. So please feel free to leave your comments. I would love to hear them. Who knows, you could be sitting on the next billion dollar idea!
If you would like to learn more about mobile marketing then please read this comprehensive pdf Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising.


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