EdgeRank: Do day to day users think it is a good idea?


So first lets talk a little bit about what Edgerank is for those who are unfamiliar with the subject. It is a algorithm that Facebook used to determine what showed up on your news feed. Now that social media is evolving so rapidly, even this one time somewhat complex algorithm that dealt with affinity, weight, and decay is a thing of the past. Now to take its place is something more complex that all the details are still not yet known. So lets take a look at the edgerank  criteria. Affinity is a relationship in a sense, who is interacting with you on facebook, who you have engaged with in the past. The weight can be thought of as what kind of things that you are posting and how popular they are amongst your friends (i.e photos, videos, comments, and likes). Decay is how long that your posts has been up in relation to time, basically it is time. So all this things are put into the algorithm to determine what came up on your friends’ news feed, but the question I am here to ask, and  that others have in the past is; do we need a more complex facebook? Is facebook deviating away from a winning model to only complicate things and frustrate users?


To be honest, before a few days ago I had no idea that this was a thing. I read many articles and one that I read was about Mark Cuban and his frustration that his media on facebook wasn’t reaching all of his Maverick’s fanbase and that in order for it to be effective it would cost him on the upwards of three thousand dollars. Mark goes on to talk about what a time suck that facebook is and that this is a feature that we all like about facebook.  I am sure it is easy to share the sentiment that facebook should always be simple, but it is an ever changing social network and always has been. The more that people look to it to promote their businesses, the more that facebook will try to capitalize on business’s using their services. Facebook is a technology based business that is ever evolving and trying to stay current in the ever changing landscape of social media. It now tries to contend with the new and upcoming while dealing with the mecca that many business users have taken to the Twitter platform. I don’t necessarily think that facebook is trying to be extra greedy, but at the end of the day they are a business that is always looking for ways to increase ROI. I believe that they also want to be on the cutting edge so they don’t get left behind. With so many buzz words like search optimization and relevance I think that this isn’t too shocking of a trajectory. We have become so used to these freemium models that it has become an expectation.

So what to do? If asked by a client tmr, what should we do to pursue a more aggressive facebook campaign?  I would say that  it comes down to engagement. If we want our message to come across in a optimal way that we need to be engaging with people. Putting content out their that isn’t spammy. I think this is one of the things that Mark Cuban overlooked in some of his arguement. Also sidenote, I found it interesting that he says that it is just a way to catch up with friends and is a time suck, but in the same stroke he and his employees use it to market products and events in the business realm. In business it takes money to make money, and I feel that Mark is jumping the shark.


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